meaning of dhanurasana: Creating a pose by arching your body like a bow . The bow referred is a bow as in “bow andarrow.” This asana is so named because the bodymimics the shape of a bow with its string stretchedback ready to shoot an arrow Dhanura-sana                                It is known from this posture that youContinue reading “dhanurasana”

Mayurasana(Peacock Pose)

According to Hindu lore, the Peacock symbolizes immortality, love, and patience. Peacock Pose, called Mayurasana in Sanskrit, works to lovingly strengthen the core while stretching the palm side of the wrists. Peacock Pose: Step-by-Step Instructions Contraindications and Cautions of Peakcock Pose Avoid or modify if you have wrist arthritis, wrist pain, or carpal tunnel.  Avoid ifContinue reading “Mayurasana(Peacock Pose)”