high blood pressure symptoms

As you must know that blood pressure means the balance of blood flowing in our body is disturbed. If the flow of blood in our body is proper, then our body and mind remain correct, but as soon as the balance of blood deteriorates. At the same time some symptoms start appearing in our body that something wrong is going on in our body. There are two situations of blood pressure, one is high blood pressure and the other is low blood pressure. The blood pressure of humans is normally 120/80, if it fluctuates, it is called blood pressure disease, it normally occurs when a person crosses 40 years, but today this problem is about People of the age of 30 -35 have started happening and the main reason for this is today’s life.

01. high blood pressure

If high blood pressure is said in simple words, then it can be said that there is a rapid flow of blood in the body which is intoxicated. Due to the rapid flow of blood in the veins, changes begin to take place in our body, such as the heart beat increases, the head becomes dizzy, intoxication becomes bursting.

your arteries should be sturdy, springy, and smooth to move blood easily from your heart and lungs to your organs and other tissues. High blood pressure, or HBP, pushes too hard on your artery walls. This damages the inside and causes fat, or “plaque,” to collect. That plaque makes your arteries more stiff and narrow, so they can’t do their job as well.

It’s when pressure pushes out a section of an artery wall and weakens it. If it breaks, it can bleed into your body, and that could be serious. It’s possible in any artery, but an aneurysm is most common in your aorta, which runs down the middle of your body. If you have a damaged artery, you could get an aneurysm even if you don’t have high blood pressure. If there is high blood pressure then your drug can get fat and blood can come out of intoxication and this can be a serious condition and can also lead to death of the person.

Heart Attack

Heart attack has also become a common problem in today’s time.

When enough plaque builds up, or a clump of it comes loose, to completely block an artery to your heart, it can cause a heart attack. The blockage starves the heart muscle of oxygen and nutrients. That can hurt or destroy it.

You usually feel pressure or pain in your chest, but sometimes in your arm, neck, or jaw too. It might be hard to breathe, and you could be dizzy or nauseated.

Call 911 if you have any of these warning signs. 

10 good tips for staying healthy

1. After coming home from outside – After coming home from outside, after touching any foreign object, before preparing food, before eating. Wash hands thoroughly with soap after eating and after using the bathroom.If you have a small child in your house, then it becomes even more important for you to take precautions.

2. Attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the house Cleaning should be done from time to time in the house especially kitchen and toilet feet because most of the bacteria storms from there.Water should not be allowed to collect in these places Sink, Wash Basin, Clean the place regularly and use Phenyl Dettol Floor Cleaner etc.

3. Food items should never be left uncovered – Raw and cooked food should be kept separately.Keep the utensils used for cooking and eating like thali, bowl, freeze etc. thoroughly cleaned.After washing, do not keep the dishes in the rack until they are dry, nor do not attach the cans to the lid

4. Use fresh vegetables – Store the spices, grains and other ingredients used properly and keep in mind to see the date on the item with expiry date.

5. Avoid oily things – Do not use uncooked and heavy food made from spices in too much oil Cook the food at the right temperature and do not destroy the postic elements of vegetables etc.Take care of the temperature while using the oven and always keep the food items and eat fresh food.

6. Salad, curd, milk, porridge, green vegetables, whole lentils-cereals etc. must be used in the food.Try to Include a “Variety of Food” on Your Plate Use clean water for cooking and drinking, wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly and use them

7. Use good oil for cooking – Use only good oil like soybean, sunflower, corn or olive oil for cooking. Minimize the use of sugar and salt in food Do not use junk food, soft drinks, and juices made from artificial sugar in the food. Try to finish the dinner by 7:00 pm and as far as possible the dinner should be light

8. Your rest and sleeping room – Keep your rest or sleeping room clean, ventilated and open Keep changing the bed sheets and pillow covers, so that from time to time the curtains are also shaken by showing sunlight.

9. meditation and yoga – Use meditation, yoga or meditation to increase concentration and relieve stress. One must do exercise every day, for this, give at least half an hour daily and keep changing the methods of exercise. Like sometimes do aerobics, sometimes just walk fast, if you are not able to find time for anything, then it is worth climbing the stairs of the office house and walking fast.

10. routine check up – After the age of 45, keep doing your routine checkup and if the doctor gives you any other medicine, then keep taking it as a blessing. In the morning, take out time to be close to nature and always be happy playing with children. Do a little running with your pet and also take time for light fun with the family

10 Benefits of Fasting

You know the ‘unlimited’ medicine? I want to go to sleep.

 benjamin hardy

 You know the drug in the movie Limitless? Fasting is the natural, healthy and sustainable version of the same.

1. superhuman will :-

    Fasting, by its very nature, is to shut down the physical in order to tap into the higher realms of meaning.

 Destructive addiction and other sabotaging behaviors are the opposite of willpower. And they slowly but surely ruin your life.

 Your every decision is important. If you justify bad decisions from time to time, you are preventing the development of quality habits. More precisely, persistent bad behavior is actually a reflection of bad habits.

And bad habits are the fast-track to a crappy life—the root of which is a lack of self-control.

 If you can’t control yourself, what can you control?

 But when you’re fasting, you’re consciously choosing not to eat to eat something else–even if you feel hungry. And there is nothing more fundamental than food to survive. As a result, when you learn to control your own eating, you develop the ability to control less fundamental and often destructive addictions.

 Fasting is by far the most sophisticated willpower workout available. If you become good at fasting, you can learn to control every other aspect of your life. If you become adept at fasting, you can overcome any addiction, no matter how deep. Clinically, fasting has been found to rapidly eliminate cravings for nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, and other drugs.

2. superhuman belief :-

Neuro-chemically, fasting elevates levels of catecholamines – such as dopamine – which increase your happiness and self-confidence while reducing your anxiety.

 But it’s easier than that.

Without self-control, you cannot have confidence. In fact, confidence reflects your attitude about your own potential. And if you constantly self-sabotage instead of self-confidence, you will experience inner-struggle.

 Inner conflict erodes your will power. It is exhausting and puts you on the defensive constantly——both for other people and yourself.

But when you see yourself acting the way you intended to act, your confidence in yourself increases. You develop greater confidence in your abilities, and this motivates you to take on bigger goals, risks, and challenges in the future. Eventually, you develop the self-efficacy that allows you to control your destiny and future. Full strength and confidence.

3. Superhuman brain functioning :-

       Fasting actually increases your brain cell count. Here is a short list of some of the scientifically backed cognitive benefits of fasting:

Short-term fasting induces profound neuronal autophagy (eg, “self-eating”), whereby cells recycle waste materials, reduce dysfunctional processes, and self-repair. Brain health is dependent on neuronal autophagy. Another study shows that interference of neuronal autophagy induces neuro-degeneration. Simply put, without the process of autophagy, the brain would neither develop properly nor function optimally.Fasting increases levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a protein that interacts with neurons in the hippocampus, cortex and basal forebrain(Parts of the brain that control memory, learning and higher cognitive function – typical human material) . BDNF helps existing neurons survive while stimulating the growth of new neurons and the development of neuro-synaptic connectivity. Low levels of BDNF have been linked to Alzheimer’s, memory loss and cognitive impairment.Evidence suggests that low BDNF is related to depression. Indeed, antidepressants increase BDNF levels. Thus, many doctors believe that fasting can ease depression.

4. Supernatural Clarity and Direction :-

             With increased clarity and cognitive functioning from fasting, it becomes easier to analyze your bad habits and make important decisions about the direction of your life.

 When you remove yourself from the noise of addiction – “even temporarily food addiction” – you free up space for the subtle hint of your guiding truth.While fasting, you will soon become aware of the discrepancies in your life. Your bad habits, lack of organization and intention, and the wrong path are cast under a cognitive and spiritual microscope.

5.supernatural health :-

             Research has shown that obese individuals do not receive the correct signals that they are full due to excessive eating patterns. Due to improper eating habits, their neuro-chemistry and hormones all become useless.

6.superhuman motor skills and precision :-

            Research has found that fasting can reduce age-related decline in cognitive and motor abilities (such as physical balance).

7.superhuman sleep :-

            If you travel a lot or have a weak sleep cycle, research has found that fasting for 16 hours can reset your sleep cycle. Other research has found that fasting can improve the overall quality of your sleep.

8. Supernatural Productivity :-

            In the state of fasting, your mind can be engaged in its work. I believe this is because the cognitive and sensual amplification of fasting forces you into the moment. In other words, fasting helps you live in the present. It is powerful and beautiful. It is normal for me to have high focus and psychological fluency while fasting.

9. Supernatural Feelings :-

            Fasting stabilizes your emotions. This is due to the separation from emotional dependence on food, in addition to the removal of over-stimulating foods such as caffeine, processed sugars, recreational drugs, tobacco and trans-fatty acids – all of which negatively affect our emotions.

10. Supernatural Energy :-

            Fasting gives you a physical “lightness” feeling, which provides a boost of energy. Another reason for this energy-bounce is that, in a typical diet, our body typically converts foods through carbs and sugars. But fasting trains our body to convert energy from fat, thus increasing our natural energy level.

Importance of mental peace and application of stress relief techniques

Importance of mental peace and application of stress relief techniques

In the busy twister of life, peace and calmness seem to be the friend you rarely have the likelihood to catch up with. Mental peace or inner calm can be defined as the inner state of tranquility or repose. In other words, mental peace can also be referred to as the intended state of calmness in terms of spiritual means.

The peace of mind is often linked with monks, hermits, yogis who are away from normal city life involved in mediating and praying the whole day long. However, even we can enjoy peace of mind while sitting at our home while leading a normal everyday life.

It is to be stated that inner peace and tranquility helps in achieving greater success, emotion as well as mind that is helpful in achieving more focus in our life. There are certain benefits of attaining mental peace that are:

  • We get facilitated with a higher concentration towards whatever the work we are doing
  • We will be able to achieve greater efficiency in handling our daily affairs
  • A greater sense of inner ability, power, and strength
  • Freedom from any type of worries, stress, and anxiety

We can make use of some stress relief techniques that are effective in releasing stress and achieving tranquility. Some stress-relieving techniques that are helpful in achieving happiness in life are:

  • Stress, anxiety, and depression are created by us, and hence to reduce the stress we can meditate at least for an hour. We can meditate early in the morning which will give us the best results. However, one can also go for meditation in the evening or before going to bed for an hour.
  • One can also go for progressive muscle relaxation which can be done by anyone and requires only 10 to 20 minutes.
  • One can also go mental imaginary relaxation within which the guided imaginary can help us to keep our calm through the use of imagination.
  • One can also go for Counselling for releasing stress if they are going through serious depression or stress in their life.
  • You can also achieve tranquility while listening to music that gives happiness to the soul.

One can also go for some of the exercises that will help release stress and achieve tranquility in life. The exercises are:

  • You can go for a walk. It will be helpful in reducing stress.
  • You can also go staircase climbing
  • You can dance while listening to any music
  • You can also get involved in doing some simple yoga
  • You can go gardening, swimming, bicycling and so on

The most important thing for achieving tranquility is that you have to find happiness in your life. The most important question is how we can achieve happiness in life. In order to achieve we have to follow some simple aspects that are:

  • For achieving happiness we have to focus on a positive attitude and thinking.
  • We have to celebrate little victories that we are achieving
  • For achieving bigger goals we have to focus on smaller objectives that would be helpful in making a path for the achievement of the goals and greater happiness.
  • We also have to accept imperfection at some point, however, we have to ensure that we are keeping our eye on the goal without losing hope and motivation.
  • We can invest our time in creating something innovative and creative and it will make us happy.

So that’s it for today guys. Just let me know how you like the information. Kindly do like and share the content. Further, if you want I will make an elaborate blog on progressive muscle relaxation and on mental imaginary relaxation. Also if you want me to make a detailed blog of how to be happy just let me know by commenting down. I will come up with more such blogs till then stay tuned.

A happy life must be to a great extent a quiet life, for it is only in an atmosphere of quiet that true joy dare live.

Best food for Healthy skin

Health is very essential. Without health we have nothing but good health depends
upon healthy nutrition. As we know we do a lot of things for our healthy And glowing
skin. But remember healthy skin comes from within . It is good that we clean our
skin everyday. But do you know healthy and glowing skin comes from within? So
,we should eat healthy foods but not junk food , because junk food makes us
If you guys want Healthy and glowing skin then you should eat healthy
In this blog we will discuss 5 foods that make your skin healthier and glowing forever.
1. Avocadoes –
Avocados are a healthy food . It is very good for our healthy and
glowing skin. It has incredible nutritions . Avocados contain more potassium
than bananas . It is also loaded with heart -healthy Monounsaturated fatty acids with
fibre .
Avocados have lower cholesterol and triglycerides levels. It is good for our
heart as well as for our liver. By eating avocados we got a lot of benefits .
Avocados have vitamin k, folate , vitamin C , potassium, or vitamin B5, vitamin B6
and vitamin E.
It also contains small amounts of manganese ,copper , iron ,zinc and vitamin A.
As we know Avocados is a green , pear shaped fruit often called an “alligator pear “.
It is loaded with healthy fat with fibre and added with various important nutrients.

2. walnuts –
As we know walnuts are edible nuts that have a wrinkled shape . And a
head round shell that is light brown in colour . Walnuts have healthy fats with fibre ,
vitamins and minerals.

Infacts , there is so much interest in this one nut that for the past 50 years ,
scientists and industry experts have gathered annually at the University of California
, Davis , for a walnut conference discussing the latest walnut health research .
Walnuts are rich in Antioxidants . Now , one Question comes into your mind: what is
the best time to eat nuts?
If you guys want maximum benefits then take nuts in the morning and
especially almonds will do a lot of magic in your daily life . You can take nuts in the
evening like –
Pesta ,cashew , pine nuts etc.
And remember walnuts are the nuts for the mind brain.

3. Sunflower seeds
Sunflower seeds are really effective for our glowing skin . Sunflower seeds are rich in the vitamin B, complex and which are important for a healthy nervous system and have a good source of phosphorus , magnesium , iron ,calcium, and potassium as well.
Most types of sunflower seeds have a modest to moderately high
number of chlorine , unhealthy snacks . Taking more exercise and having more sex
gets the harmones going . Vitamin and mineral deficiency can worsen hormonal
problems .

4. Sweet potato –
Sweet potato are an excellent source – one 1/2 cup serving ( 💯 gm) of baked sweet potato contains enough beta carotene to provide nearly 4 times the RDA of vitamin A . Sweet potato have an excellent source of beta carotene ,which acts as a natural sunblock and may protect your skin from sun damage . We should eat sweet potatoes because they have many benefits . Sweet
potato is a sweet tasting root vegetable . Sweet potato has a rich source of fibre as
well as containing an array of vitamins and minerals including iron , calcium ,
selenium , they ‘re a good source of vitamin .B , and vitamin .C.

5. Broccoli –
Broccoli is very effective for glowing skin . There are many beauty benefits of broccoli like

1.- Hair growth

2. – Detoxification

3. -Edible sunscreen

4.-Collagen production and more
Broccoli has a great source of vitamin K , vitamin C and a good source of
folate. (folic – acid) . And provide potassium and fibre.
Broccoli has vitamins . K which is essential for the functioning of many
proteins involved in blood clothing . Broccoli also has Vitamin C ,which builds
collagen which forms body tissues and bones it also helps to cut and heal.
We should eat broccoli for our clear and glowing skin.

Tips for a healthy life

Tips for a healthy life

From the minute we’re born, we’re ageing. Constant exposure to our environment, the things we eat, and stress from both inside & outside our bodies. Ageing is highly complex, but scientists are starting to understand what happens at the cellular and molecular level.

We need to think about the shape of our body, having an ideal body shape is magic in itself. It is the time we need to focus on eating habits in terms of quality and quantity. Eating the right amount of food can have lots of benefits. And definitely, it will help you in having a perfect body shape. And this can boost the level of confidence or can give clarity to your thinking process as well.

Here are some tips you should follow for a healthy body shape:

  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Consume less salt and sugar
  • Say no to junk food
  • Exercise regularly
  • Drink water

Eat a healthy diet

What can you make your family for dinner that’s healthy and tastes good? You can follow the plate method. This healthy plan works for everybody, including people with diabetes. Indeed, making nutritious meals will be no problem. What’s a healthy plate?  It’s a way to control your serving sizes where you don’t have to count. Simply use a seven-inch plate for children and a nine-inch plate for adults.

First, divide the plate in half & fill one of them with vegetables. There are two types of vegetables, starchy like potatoes, corn etc. If you’re diabetes, fill half your plate with non-starchy vegetables and then fill ¼ part of your plate with whole grains like corn, beans, and brown rice. In the other quarter add some protein-containing food items like tofu, grilled fish or chicken. This diet plan will help you in having an ideal and healthy body.

Consume less salt & sugar

Salt is something that is called Sodium Chloride. It is required in our body but too much may have bad impacts on our body. Consumption of too much salt can be hazardous for your body. This can lead to numerous health problems like hypertension, heart diseases.

Moreover, it can increase the risk of diabetes.

Say no to junk food

People of all age groups enjoy a lot eating junk food. This food looks so attractive and yummy. Whenever,  people enjoy special time with their family like birthday parties, weddings etc. They call for wafers, burgers, chips, pizzas, noodles, Chinese dishes & other varieties of fast food. You should realize that junk food is always harmful to health. They deteriorate the health conditions if taken regularly.

Therefore, cut off junk food from your life.

Likewise, there are various harmful effects of eating junk food like sleeping disorders, reduces level of concentration, increases cholesterol and many others.

Exercise regularly

Doing exercise regularly can have countless benefits like cardiovascular & respiratory improvement over time. You can end up strengthening the cardiac muscle that surrounds your heart, you also pump a greater volume of blood with stroke, which improves your ability to bring oxygen to your muscle and your lungs become stronger and better at supplying your body with the oxygen it needs.

Reduction in health risk factors. Regular exercise can reduce your risk of the cardiovascular syndrome. Research also shows that active people have a lower risk of colon & breast cancer.

And no doubt regular exercise can increase your chances of living longer.

Drink water

Water helps to create saliva. It helps in the digestion of food. Drinking water to lose weight. Wondering how to lose weight? Water has many different health benefits but not enough people know about all these health benefits. The majority of the human body regulates benefits. The know majority of the human body is composed of the majority of water. Water regulates the body temperature.

Hence, water can also help you in building an ideal physique.

Food for an ideal physique :- 

You should follow the below-written diet plan for having a
perfect body shape

Add the below-mentioned food items to your diet for a long-lasting physique transformation. Go ahead for your fat to fit journey with us. 

Food items for a healthy body 

● Eggs 

● Nuts 

● Bananas 

● Water 


It’s a nutritious treat, you must add eggs to the breakfast. Though a single egg is rich in various vitamins like A, B5, B12, D, E, B6, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, 6 grams of protein and five grams of healthy fats.                                                   photos by jai meena egges protin 

They also contain heart-healthy unsaturated fats and many other nutrients. It is said that eggs are a rich source of protein.

Moreover, they too have an exclusive amino acid profile & are one of the best sources of protein. Omega 3 can help in rapid fat loss found in eggs. 

NUTS :-  

 Nuts are a staple snack for any bodybuilder.   Rich in fiber, protein, healthy fat, vitamin E. Magnesium and Manganese. Studies have found a 62% greater weight loss in the nut group compared to the complex carb group & also their nutrients differ. So you should add nuts to your diet along with yogic asanas. 


Bananas are loaded with fiber, potassium, folate and antioxidants. They also contain Vitamin C. According to a review people who follow a high fiber diet can have a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases. 

Moreover, they are beneficial for your digestive health. A banana contains water and fiber. Both promote regularity and encourage digestive health. 

So include bananas in your breakfast regularly. 


Keeping yourself hydrated is one of the most crucial tasks of the       day. 60% of the body is made up of water and 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water. Long-term dehydration can reduce the joints’ shock-absorbing ability, so drinking an adequate amount of water can cure your body of such diseases. Hence water plays a very crucial role. 

You can accommodate the above-mentioned food items in your life along with the exercises discussed above.


Instructions :- Follow step by step

Gumukhasana pose by A Yoga Lady

1. Sit in a crossed-leg position, right leg over left.

2. Spread the legs as far apart as possible without bending the knees.

3. Bend the left knee and place the bottom of the left foot against the inner left thigh.
4. Bring the left heel as close to the perineum as possible. Keep the left knee on the

5. Grasp the right foot with the left hand and keeping the foot on the floor place the heel of the right foot against the front-left portion of the left buttock. The right knee should be directly on top of the left knee..

6. Inhale slowly through the nostrils and raise the right hand over the head and bend the right elbow. Reach behind the back with the left hand and clasp the fingers of both hands (forming an “s” shaped lock).

7. Hold the posture as long as you can comfortably hold the inhale breath. Exhale slowly and then repeat the posture reversing the arms and legs.

Benefits of this pose:-

1. This posture stretches the arms, upper back, chest and the sides of the chest and abdomen. As the

shoulder blades are stretched backward the lungs are expanded and as the abdominal muscles are lifted

2. The stomach is toned. It helps to relieve neck strain, backache and tight shoulders. The hands, fingers and wrists are strengthened.

You can either hold the posture while the breath is held or you can try holding the posture while breathing
gently through the nostrils. If you choose to breath, then hold the posture for thirty seconds to a minute.
Repeat the gomukha-asana two to three time

Precautions :- If someone is suffering from piles then stay away from this asana.


meaning of dhanurasana:

Creating a pose by arching your body like a bow . The bow referred is a bow as in “bow and
arrow.” This asana is so named because the body
mimics the shape of a bow with its string stretched
back ready to shoot an arrow


                               It is known from this posture that you have to make your body like a bow. In this posture, you have to do yourself in such a way that an arrow is shot on the bow.

Follow by step by step:-

  • First of all, you have to lie down on your stomach on a mat.
  • Your body has to be kept straight, the feet should be in line with each other and the hands should be open from the hips, the palm should be towards the sky. The face should be facing forward
  • Now bend your legs from the knees and move your toes to the upper side and simultaneously moving your hands up, move the right foot to the right hand Grab the ankles with your hands and pull them up
  • While inhaling, While inhaling, slowly pull the knees up and lift the knees off the floor and Hold yourself here and hold your breath for a while Hold yourself here and hold your breath for a while
  • Slowly exhale bringing the knees of the floor,release the ankles Slowly lower your body and release your legs and come back to your earlier position.

Benefit of dhanura-sana:-

 Dhanurasana has many such benefits, not only for some time but it is beneficial for the whole life.

  1. Its first and most effective obvious advantage is that it creates flexibility of your spine.
  2. Relieves lower back pain in your back side with your daily practice
  3. Relieves upper back and neck tension
  4. Expands your abdominal muscles and gets your blood flowing regularly
  5. Removes all types of digestive related diseases and also relieves tension and fatigue in the hands and feet
  6. Increases your body’s digestive power and shoulder strength with daily practice

 Important points. 

While doing this asana, the process of breathing should be done through the nose only two to three times.

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